Start-up Exchange Programmes (WSEP)

The WBAF Investment Promotion Agency (WIPA) has developed Start-up Exchange Programmes, a global framework to support entrepreneurs and start-up founders offering six programmes for entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators, academics and SMEs, from idea to start-up to scale-up to exit. The ultimate goal is to ease access to smart finance and capitalise innovative business ideas globally. Entrepreneurs, start-up founders, growth founders, scale-up founders, and SME shareholders will benefit from the opportunities offered by the WBAF Start-up Investment Promotion Agency through subscribing one of the six Start-up Exchange Programmes:



  • Benefits to early stage companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs

    The Start-up Investment Promotion Agency supports the successful development of entrepreneurial companies with an array of business support resources and services offered through its Start-up Exchange Programmes. It helps its start-up ventures define and build their initial products and services, identify promising customer segments, and secure resources, including capital and employees. More specifically, because the programme will be of limited-duration (1 – 6 months), it offers entrepreneurs an incubator experience that will include a process of intense, rapid, and immersive education, training and mentorships, networking opportunities, with peer ventures, local and international mentors, programme graduates, angel investors, VCs, bankers and even corporate executives, all aimed at accelerating the life cycle of these early stage companies, compressing years’ worth of learning-by-doing into just a few months.

    Ventures that are accepted into the Start-up Exchange Programmes will enjoy improved success rates as they are nurtured through the early stages of enterprise development. Specific benefits include a better appreciation on the part of start-up founders of how prepared the business needs to be to attract investor capital. The programmes will help start-up founders understand what funding is appropriate for their business, considering the specific personal and business ambitions and the current stage of development and growth of the business. They will also better appreciate how developed the business needs to be in relation to customer engagement and market validation.

    • Getting honest feedback on their business idea and the team
    • Gaining access to experienced local and international mentors
    • Getting investment or additional access to finance
    • Opportunity to network with investors, experienced entrepreneurs and other stakeholders


  • Next Step to join the Programme:

    You should register yourself as an EIR to join the WIPA Start-up Exchange Programme. You need an EIR ID Number to complete your application form, which will be provided after completing your registration process as an EIR. Registration as an EIR and getting your EIR ID Number is a free process. However, you will need to include your WEELT Score (Entrepreneurship English Language Test Score) to complete your registration process. After you have your WEELT Score, please send your WEELT Score by an email to Christina Mc Gimpsey who will provide your application link for becoming a WIPA EIR.

    2 simple steps
    Supply your WEELT Score by sending it to Christina
    Register to get your EIR ID number (no charge)

    WEELT - Entrepreneurship English Language Test:
    Christina Mc Gimpsey - Secretary General, World Business Angels Investment Forum

    •   The advantages for entrepreneurs
      The reasons why entrepreneurs, co/founders of early stage companies and SMEs shareholders might want to participate in programmes offered by the WIPA are
      • Being part of a community of founders and benefitting from peer-to-peer support
      • Guidance in developing their idea (find product/market fit) or building a company around it
      • International networking
      • Potential access to new customers

Register after having your WIPA Approval Code