WBAF’s proactive response: Global Start-up Investment Promotion Agency (WIPA)

WBAF, as an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion, understands that gaps in a start-up’s business background and training hamper their ability to access the all-important financing. It recognizes an ethical and professional responsibility to help young companies strengthen their position by helping them access the smart capital.

Thanks to its ever-growing network of successful business leaders in 127 countries, WBAF is in an excellent position to support start-ups as they set out on the path to growing their businesses into sustainable and then scale-up enterprises. Drawing on the collective expertise of its global network, it has established Global Start-up Investment Promotion Agency (WIPA).

We are sure start-up founders, qualified investors and FDI bodies will have a rewarding experience by cooperating with WIPA. Our ultimate goal is to support all to create more jobs, wealth and social justice for world economies.

Global Startup Investment Promotion Agency