1 January, 2022


12 Months


250 EUR per month

Smart Coworking Programme
Business Centre & Coworking Phase

Profile of entrepreneurs:  Entrepreneur (1) has a running business or wants to establish a new company (2) wants to have a company in EU (3) wants to have a bank account for its business in EU (4) wants to have a digital infrastructure for business meetings (5) wants to develop a global network (6) wants to be well-connected with global entrepreneurship ecosystem (7) wants to benefit from business mentorship, business advisory, business consulting and coaching services (8) needs secretarial service, telephone number, post-delivery service, business address.


  • Level: Mature businesses
    Title to be assigned: WBAF International Partner
    WIPA Business Card Title of the EIR accepted for the Programme: Board Director / CEO / Founder / Chairman of your company / Angel Investor / Business Mentor
    Strategic Team: (1) Strategic Advisory Board including a Business Mentor, a Business Coach and a Business Consultant (2) Non-Executive Board Members
    Secretarial Service: 150 EUR per month
    Co-investor Agreement with the WBAF Angel Investment Fund: No

    Programme duration: Minimum 6 months
    Price: 250 EUR per month
    Minimum WBAF Credits to be invested: Minimum 2500 Credits every 6 months
    Components: Participant can create his/her programme by choosing components from Smart Idea, Smart Money, or Smart Capital Programmes.  

  • Programme objectives :
    • Offering bundled “start-up exchange” packages that would include the opening of bank accounts, the provision of merchant accounts, credit and debit cards and e-commerce enabled websites and “payment buttons” to assist businesses to go digital
    • Providing an address, secretarial service, telephone number and post-delivery service
    • Advice on marketing communication
    • Business consulting to develop a franchise system or distribution system
    • Monitoring post-investment phase

    Recommended Programmes:
    QBAC+ Qualified Angel Investor Course
    QBMC+ Qualified Business Mentor Course
    CBMC+ Certified Non Executive Board Member

WIPA Identity Card

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence accepted for the WIPA Start-up Exchange Programmes are awarded a professional certificate featuring their proficiency level on global entrepreneurship and a personal WIPA Identity Card.

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